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Auto Wrecking and Towing Service in Houston TX

Auto Wrecking and Towing Service

Have you been involved in a collision, or has your vehicle stalled because of a battery issue? Irrespective of the matter, you can count on the Homers Wrecker Service professionals to help you.

We’ll do our best to get to your location within 30 minutes. However, it depends on your location, and the availability of our equipment. Whether you’re relocating, your vehicle has broken down, or if you have been involved in an accident, you can find no better towing service in Houston than Homers Wrecker Service. Homers Wrecker Service is the leading professional towing service in the Houston area. We offer heavy-duty towing and recovery for commercial vehicles at the best possible rates.

Considered one of the safest modes of transport, flatbed towing provides a solid way of towing by balancing the weight of the automobile across the flatbed platform and minimizing swaying. The ease of loading is well received since all it entails is driving the vehicle up the flatbed and securing it afterward. Another advantage of flatbed towing is that it reduces all wear and tear on the vehicle since all four wheels are off the ground. Compared to other towing methods, this one requires no unique parts or adjustments.

Regardless of the method of towing, Homers Wrecker Service professionals know the best way to haul your vehicle. Whether it’s a mechanical failure or an accident that’s rendered your car unusable, we are only a phone call away and are always ready to serve you with our auto wrecking services. Contact us today!

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We are the leading company in the towing business in Houston, Texas, and its surrounding areas. For any roadside assistance, we respond to you on a single call.

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